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2022 Expo Schedule

2023 Schedule will be released in February!

2022 Classes/Seminars

** Are Certificate Seminars


Kaeja Elevations – Allen Kaeja
Dancers will learn the foundations of Kaeja Elevations® (KE), an approach to partnering where participants from all experience levels are on an equal playing field. Momentum, anchoring, and the architectural structure of the body allow participants of all genders to soar through the air, defying expectations and moving beyond the limitations of typical partner work. Skills to be developed include multi-level movement, articulate and sophisticated response to the point of contact, lofting through propulsion, and weight transfer. Kaeja Elevations®, defined and created by Allen Kaeja, was developed from over three decades of refined exploration and collaboration with Karen Kaeja

Pilates – Neesa Kenemy
Pilates for Dance Teachers

Tuck your tail, pull your shoulders down and other cues that need rethinking.  Increase power and efficiency in your dancers through proper biomechanics and cueing

AfroFusion – Esie Mensah
Afrofusion is a blend of traditional and contemporary African styles fused with Urban, Modern, Latin and Caribbean forms. Utilizing a spectrum of movement from Hip Hop, Dancehall, Soca, Contemporary, House and more. It is a fusion of various vocabularies seamlessly put together to create a very unique blend of movement. Esie Mensah has been perfecting her style for over 10 years and as she continues to evolve and grow as a choreographer and dancer her quest to understand the essence of movement continues.

Introduction to Step Dancing – Kyle Waymouth
Step dancing is a traditional Canadian-dance style similar to tap and clogging.  This introduction will include some of the basics and more traditional steps as well as some exposure to where step dancing has developed to how it is often presented today.

Hip Hop – Paul Kaze Thurton
“The Measure Workshop”

Ballet Masterclass – Gillian Saunders-Herron
Finding your Artistry
This class will work on ballet technique, but will also explore where to find moments within technique to play with dynamics and style to help students develop their personal artistry.

Bollywood – Anoshine

Contemporary – Julia Cratchley

Tap – Allison Plamondon

Jazz – Rodney Diverlus


Keanu Uchida is a dancer and student currently living in Montreal.  Past work includes touring internationally with Muse and Lorde, acting as movement director for Netflix’ Umbrella Academy and performing his own work at the Guggenheim Works and Process. Keanu is currently studying the intersection of physics and philosophy at the University of Toronto. 

Since 2020, Keanu has been active in the fight against sexual violence in the dance world. In 2021, he brought his and others’ stories of abuse to the Toronto Star, resulting in a bombshell investigation into sexual misconduct at the American dance convention giant Break the Floor. This lead to subsequent partnership between the Star and the Associated Press to conduct an April 2022 widely-shared follow-up investigation ‘Mega dance company bred culture of sex, silence, dancers say’. He now works as a consultant in helping dance businesses improve their practices and raising awareness on sexual violence in the dance industry.

Turn Out Radio Live 
Canada’s Turn Out Radio show comes to the Toronto Dance Teacher Expo stage, for a live discussion hosted by dance educator, speaker, and radio Host/ Producer Nicole Inica Hamilton! This session will present an on stage interview, and open up conversation between Hamilton and a featured guest on the critical news of our day, and the real stories that live both on and beyond the stage.


**The Legwarmers Workshop:
Dancing With The Imagination
This one-hour presentation focuses on how to integrate the use of the imagination when teaching dance to ages 4 – 6 years old.  Through games, fun, storytelling, and sharing in a world of imagination, the sky is the limit for where your dance will take you next! Based on the original dancing story of “The Legwarmers” by Christine and Lisa Brkich, you will put yourself in the story and teach your students the love of character building while paying attention to their technical needs to set them up for success!  Note that this presentation also includes full class descriptions and assessment downloads as useful teaching tools.

Conceptual Dance Education for the Developing Child

DiscoverDance blends the discovery of movement with the development of skills to create a foundation where the developing child and the young artist within can thrive. In this session, we will explore conceptual teaching, the DiscoverDance lesson plan frameworks, and the research that guides our approach to early childhood dance education

A Groundbreaking Parent-and-me Curriculum for Students between the age of 3 months – 5 years
Don’t knock it until you’ve tried this! During this informative and playful class, learn the keys to success when offering parent-and-me classes for students as young as 3 month old! The Intellidance® curriculum uses movement and music to benefit brain and milestone development. We’ll breakdown “FUN…on Purpose” activities for 4 different age groups that’s sure to increase revenue for your studio!

**Rhythmworks Integrative
Understanding Students with Unique Needs
Now, more than ever, we’re seeing gaps in a student’s ability to process information, regulate behavior and focus for extended periods of time. During this informative session, we’ll cover exactly what sensory processing means and how it impacts student participation in the studio. We’ll also look at behavior modification plans and answer your question about students that make you go hmmm…

Most importantly, attendees will walk away with strategies they can use immediately.


**British Association of Teachers of Dancing (BATD)
The B.A.T.D. believes in developing a strong foundation for
both Teachers and Students in the ART of Tap. Through our Grades, Medal tests and into our Associate and Teacher Programs, we emphasize Rhythms, Syncopation, Musicality and Timing.
In this class Ms. Joanne Chapman will explore different metersand rhythms utilizing variations of basics and progressive steps.

**Dance Masters Association (DMA) –

Discover the Key to a Great Dance Class
Dance Masters 101

 Join our Director of Education and her team in an interactive discussion on how to become certified with Dance Masters. Discover whether Dance Masters is right for you. Find out about our exciting Junior Membership Program. Get your feet wet! Dive into our internationally renowned syllabus and discover the key to structuring a reliable dance class for all levels. Learn a few tips for teacher certification. Participants will have their name entered in a draw for one Free DMA Syllabus as well as receive an affiliate Membership Certificate providing discounts on Fees for Convention, Syllabus Study Sessions, and Teacher Examinations in 2022.

**Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT)
ADAPT Double Barre Technique

A presentation introducing ADAPT’s new and innovative training tool, “Double Barre Technique”.  Along with ADAPT Syllabus strategies and teaching formulas.

** Canadian Dance Teachers Association (CTDA)
Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association in 2022

As an organization of dance teachers across Canada that is now celebrating its 73rd anniversary, learn how the Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association has changed and is evolving from individual Branches into one truly National organization. Get a sneak peak at some of the graded exercises in their Tap, Jazz, Ballet, and Modern syllabi. Here’s a chance to find out what CDTA in 2022 is all about!

**Acrobatic Arts
Introduction to Acrobatic Arts
Join this introductory class to learn all about Acrobatic Arts, including the 5 divisions of AcroDance; Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling!

**Performing Arts Educators of Canada
Keep Up the PAEC – Current Classroom Content”

Showcasing highlights from Hip Hop, Acro, Modern, Tap, Jazz and Ballet syllabi including new progressions and training exercises.

**Gilbert Tap Exams
Welcome to Gilbert Tap Exams
Our class will be an introduction to the highly regarded Gilbert Tap Exam Program. 

Teachers and studio owners looking for a stepping stone tap training/exam program should attend our session. Gilbert Tap Exams will improve and encourage the level of tap at your studio.  
We will work our way through the syllabus grades and highlight why the system will work for your students, teachers and parents.
The system works!


**Healthy Dancer Canada
Dance Equity, Access and Inclusion
This presentation focuses on the importance of equity-informed approaches to dancer wellness. While we frequently consider the physical and mental processes that support optimal dance performance and healthy dance practice, the contextual and social aspects often get less attention. Andrea will share the latest research on access, equity and inclusion in dance settings. She will also provide practical tools for recognizing and responding to biases and inequities that limit access for marginalized groups, as well as methods for cultivating inclusive, equitable and anti-oppressive dance contexts.

**Healthy Dancer Canada
Dancer Screening
Dance teachers will be introduced to Healthy Dancer Canada’s dancer screening tool for dance educators. Dancer screening provides an opportunity to evaluate dancers’ current strengths and limitations, and to facilitate an integrative approach to goal-setting. Screening results can inform teaching approaches in support of improving dancers’ potential, as well as the need for follow-up with a healthcare professional for the prevention of future injury and health concerns.

Mental Skills Training – Lauren Ritchie
As a human, we can train three things; the mind, body, and artistry. As dance educators, we have spent years building and nurturing body and craft, and can now use mental skills to support dancers within classes and performances. In this session, Lauren will share the research and foundations of mental skills as well as awareness and resilience exercises that can be easily applied before, during, and after training and performance.

Dance Culture DNA – Lauren Ritchie
How do we create the thriving class culture we desire? What does your leadership commit to wholeheartedly? These are the questions and foundational work of creating your studio DNA – your Do Not Alter components that support your classrooms to be engaged, gritty, connected, and joyful!

**Leading with Purpose & Defining Success presented by CANADIAN DANCE LEADERSHIP:
Find a renewed sense of purpose and direction as a dance educator in this workshop that guides you in defining your WHY, your values, and exploring the truth about the service you offer as a dance educator and/ or business owner.  Improve dancer focus, engagement, and commitment, by creating meaningful connections and experiences for your team inside and outside of the studio.

**Class Planning for Maximum Impact presented by CANADIAN DANCE LEADERSHIP:
In this session you will learn new ways to build and structure a class from intro to outro that addresses safety and well-being, improving dancer focus & motivation, maximizing fun, and getting the most from your students by doing less.

Beyond The Books

Join Stephanie Bergeron on a deep-dive discussion, using her #30SecondBallets books as a framework to build way more than just technique into ballet class! There’s so much ground we’d love to cover as ballet teachers, but often not enough time to do it all… technique, performance, choreography, syllabus, history, theory, industry… Let’s développé some strategies- for the love of ballet, and without the dusty textbook vibes!

Randolph College – Music Theory for Dancers
“The Art Of Time”
“Have you ever wondered how to count rhythm effectively? Or how to explain rhythm to your students? It is actually never 5, 6, 7, 8! 

Come and discover the relationship between music and time.”


Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)
Quickest Path to Success

Join Anna Mancini, National Account Executive, for an interactive conversation and Q & A about advocacy issues of concern, HR and compliance support, great online business courses for you and your employees and AMAZING savings programs to help reduce your business costs. With over 95,000 members coast to coast, CFIB is Canada’s largest non-profit organization devoted to creating and supporting an environment where your business can succeed. All attendees will be entered in a draw to win one of two $50 Starbucks gift cards!!

Expectations for Success
Whether you are a teacher or studio owner you want your dance year to be successful.  We will dig into concrete ways that you can prepare and organize yourself, your business and your classes to help make that happen. Success is truly a choice, and we will give you tools to make that choice each day.

RE:SOUND + SOCAN = Entandem

It’s hard to imagine dance schools surviving and thriving without the use of music! The fees RE:SOUND collects (Under Tariff 6B of the Copyright Act) ensure music creator’s receive their royalties when their recordings are used by businesses such as dance schools. Join Clarke MacIntosh for this informative session as he shares his groundbreaking experience on negotiating with RE:SOUND on behalf of teachers and studio owners in the dance community. Music licensing compliance is a must for all dance schools that use live and recorded music. For many, navigating their need and usage of these licenses can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. 

ALC Accounting Services
ALC Accounting Services Accounting 101 Master Class
Level up your business and get the Art Entrepreneurial’s Guide to Accounting
What you’ll learn:
Accounting vs Bookkeeping—what’s the difference and what software do you need?
Financial Statements – how to read, understand and use your financial statements for peace of
Preparing for Year-end – Essentials for your accountant.
The fundamentals of business accounting and bookkeeping.
Outsourcing your bookkeeping – What you need to know

Studio Finances – Sending to Collections
Its Just Business – Managing your finances & Receivables
While we all have a passion for dance, we know we need income to keep our studios running, and yet money is the one topic we are the fastest to shy away from. Join Cheryl Klein, an experienced Office Manager and former Banker for an informative discussion on the dollars and cents of running your studio. Cheryl will share strategies for managing and prioritizing your receivables, and how to tackle the tough conversations when it comes to collections. You will leave with the tools, techniques, and professional skills to collect on accounts effectively while maintaining positive relationships with your customers. 

 10 Talent Management
“Is Your Student Ready?”
-What you/your student need(s) to know about the professional Industry
-How does this affect your comp season
-How to guide your dancers to the next level
-What the parents need to know

Quickball Change
“How We Find Your Sub”
– Roster requirements, qualifications
– The needs of the studio
– Why we are better than a Facebook request

World Performers
World Performers…Travel, Dance, Experience, and Compete!

World Performers, Canada was established with the goal of providing new opportunities for dancers to form a National Dance Team representing Canada in Europe alongside 60 other Nations at The Dance World Cup Europe. We pride ourselves on a positive and professional experience for all and celebrate our faculty of Canadian Master Teachers and Choreographers. The WPC journey allows students growth in training and the development of lifelong friendships with other dancers not just across our Nation, but with the world of dancers we meet along the way.
WPC is respectful of studio owners/directors and works with home studios to ensure there is no interruption to a dancer’s season when choosing to be part of the National Dance Team.

Join us and learn more!

Small Town Studio Jennifer Mercer

In Small Town Studio Success, find out how to use the fact that you are operating a business in a small town to your advantage. 

Let’s talk about contacts, connections, and business strategies that are unique to small towns, how to grow your business and marketing solutions.

 Presenter Jennifer Mercer has grown her studio and led her team to success with big ideas in a small town with an oversaturated market. Her unique approach has made her an industry leader.

 Jennifer is a former banker and has a unique approach to growing her dance business. The knowledge she learned from the corporate and finance world has helped her push forward in an oversaturated small town market. Jennifer has mentored many studio owners and helped them grow their businesses. Owning a studio for 23 years in rural Ontario, and being a mother of two busy boys Jennifer has proven to be an inspiration to many.

Dancers Travel – Kim Greco 

Pickford Consulting – “Don’t waste a Good Pandemic”

2023 Vendor Map

2a. Limelight Teamwear
2b. Limelight Teamwear
3. Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association (CDTA)
4. Acrobatic Arts
12a. More Than Just Great Dancing
12b. Classion Designs Corp.
13. Ashley Ciona Photography
14. Bloch
16a. MOD Dancewear & Boutique
16b. MOD Dancewear & Boutique
18. Luv 2 Dance Competition

101 – Tap Shoes Canada
102 – Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT)
103 – Tap Shoes Canada
104 – Wear Moi
105 – Gilbert Tap Exams
106 – Wear Moi
107 –
108 – Society of Classical Ballet, Vaganova Method
109 –
110 –
111 – Just Music
112 –
113- EnPointe Designs Canada
201 – Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT)
202 – Tendu Active
203 –
204 –
205 –
206 –
207 – Performance Art Travel
208 – So Danca
209 – GroundForce
210 – So Danca
211 – British Association of Teachers of Dancing (BATD)
301 – Penny Prima
302 – Capezio
303 –
304 –
305 –
306 – TWL Law
307 – So Danca
308 – Bloch
309 – So Danca
401 – Capezio
402 – Dance Masters of Canada (DMA)
403 –
404 – Rhythm Jewellery
405 – Dance PossAbilities
406 –
407 –
408 – Beyond Dance Consulting
410 – 42nd Street Tours
501 – Discover Dance
502 – Laylas Dance Costumes
503 –
504 –
505 –
506 – Performing Arts Educators of Canada (PAEC)
507 –
508 –
509 – 42nd Street Tours
510 –
601 – Laylas Dance Costumes
602 –
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606 – UDMA
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